Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why We Remember. . .

. . .the day that changed our country.

I was sitting on the recliner holding my 10 week old baby when I found out.  I'll never forget the feelings I experienced the moment I saw the first images come across my T.V.  I was frightened, I cried and wished that my husband was home with us.  I held my baby close.  I was afraid to put her down because I didn't know what was going to happen next and didn't want her alone if something were to happen to us.  As the first days passed, our country came to understand the meaning of the word HERO.  A hero was someone worth looking up to.  Not a celebrity.  Not a sports figure.  Not a movie star.  The true heroes were the fire fighters, and police officers.  The first responders whom sacrificed their lives in an attempt to save the lives of others.  The people trapped in the twin towers who sacrificed their lives while they helped others to safety before finding safety for themselves were heroes.  Ordinary citizens who stormed the cockpit of a hijacked plane in an attempt to save the lives of those on the ground were heroes.  Then, when the men and women of our military went to war to fight for our freedom and security (and those who are still fighting today), more real heroes emerged.  I will never forget. . .

Where were you?


  1. I think it is also very important to remember who it was that did this to us. The Muslims that did this were following the teaching in their "holy book". They hate America and Americans and will go to extreme lengths to bring us down and establish their system of government which is very oppressive, especially to women.


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