Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trained Chickens

I've said many times that our hens are so incredibly friendly.  They are like little puppy dogs.  They follow us when we are in the yard, and like to be held and petted as well.  When I call them, they come.  Check out this video I shot this afternoon:

Madeline has been training them to jump for treats

If you have never owned chickens, let me tell you. . .they are such a source of entertainment.  We have so much fun with our girls Jasmine, Daisy and Dixie.

They love to perch in trees.
Don't they just look so happy and content?  Truly they are.  These hens are treated very well.  They get to forage and free range every day (almost all day).  They get lots of treats, and even dinner scraps from the table.

The only thing better than a good chicken shake. . .
. . .is catching it with my camera!

Sometimes they get so excited over table scraps that they lose all manners and just start flinging food everywhere.  Then they'll chase each other around trying to steal each others pieces thinking that it must be better than the identical stuff on the plate.

And what do you think has got them so excited this time?  It's leftover chicken and corn.  What!  It's a good source of protein.  Ask any chicken owner who gives their chickens table scraps for treats.  Almost all of them do it.  You know who you are!

Okay fine!  Let's change the subject.  This is Oreo our neighbors tail-less cat.  He comes over our house all the time to visit with Caspain & Faline, and to watch the chickens.  They are entertaining to him as well.

Tara and Madeline call this a "Kitty Kiss".


  1. Great fun! Don't you love when chickens run? They are so cute and funny!

  2. Yes Joan! I especially love when they half fly and half run. That is the best.

  3. Sooo funny! Love the henny-pennies. And again, I'm in awe of your photography. Lovely.

  4. What do you do when you go away on vacation? I spoil my girls like you do and I'm getting ready to go on holiday and I'm just sick that they will FREAK out that I'm not there. I have a chicken sitter lined up to watch them but I'm still a wreck.

  5. Flock Mistress
    I'm going away soon as well. We're going to Disney. It's actually my first time away from them, but I have a neighbor (the family we carpool to and from school with). I mentioned her in the post right before this one. Anyway, she'll be taking care of the girls and she used to raise chickens. I feel very comfortable. My girls will however be relegated to the chicken run for a week while we're gone, but all should be good. ✿◠‿◠

  6. Gosh I just love your BO's! I have one BO, Dorothy, who is pretty friendly, but not quite like this. The girls do jump for treats though. Great video and great photos. I'm SO jealous of that lawn (so are the girls).

  7. Alexis
    When we first built our house, I told my husband that I didn't want a lawn until we first installed a sprinkler system. We were both working full time and there was no way we'd be able to maintain watering a lawn of that size (approximately 20,000 sq. ft) with a hose and a sprinkler. Finally, after living with mud for a while, we got our sprinkler system in and then he and I physically laid the lawn ourselves. Talk about dirty tiring work! After we a got a big section completed, I told him "I'm done. You need to get someone else to do the rest." So my brother in law stepped in. We have a well and septic, so we have plenty of water to keep our lawn green and don't have to worry about paying the city for it. My "chicken" girls love it, and my "human" girls love being barefoot in it all summer long. It's super soft. This year, since we have our hen's, I switched to using organic fertilizer. Everyone's happy.ヅ

    As far as the chickens are concerned, one of the girls is behaving badly the past couple days. Jasmine has started to bite! When she does it, I poke her (hard enough to hurt) on the top of her head with a firm "NO!". I hope this behavior changes. Naughty Jasmine!

  8. that's funny, that they come running when you call them. my dog doesn't come that fast when i call him!!! :D

    cute video sis!

    love, cindy

  9. Thanks Cindy. Champ is a dog in his own world! He's got much better things on his mind than coming to you when you call. Even though you ARE his favorite. ;)

  10. Hi Kelly, I found your blog through a chicken site where you posted a link to it. I love the trained chickens and their amazing swimming ability. But mostly I just have to say your photography is beautiful.

  11. Thank you Mirth. I'm glad to hear that. I really love photography. It's one of my creative outlets.

  12. Hello, I happily discovered your blog a few weeks ago, when I was cruising the internet, learning about backyard chickens. Our (SE Michigan) city has a 4-hen limit, so we are planning for 4 chicks next spring! I'm really looking forward to the feathery cuddles and the eggs. Just so I know what I'm getting myself into, I was wondering if you could describe your daily care of your hens - perhaps a Day in the Life, so to speak. I suspect we have a similar lifestyle (2 daughters, full home life, music), and I'd appreciate a nitty-gritty look at the care these fluffy beauties need. Thanks so much!


  13. Hi Keri. I'm so glad you found me. I'm going to send you an email. You are going to just LOVE becoming a mama hen!!


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