Friday, September 16, 2011

We're In The Midst Of A Cold Snap

The girls were at Riley's house after school playing today.  Her mom fed my girls dinner (Tara informed me that "it was really good").  We kind of go back and forth with that.  I'll feed her child now and then, and she'll feed mine.  It's kinda nice.  Really nice actually.  Anyway, when the girls got home, they were really cold from playing outside.  It's not really cold yet in Michigan, but compared to summer, it is definitely getting cold.  We woke up to 35 degrees this morning, today's high was 61.   It was in the low to mid 50's this evening while they were playing.  When the girls came in the house, they both asked if I'd make them Hot Chocolate.  Yes, it needs to be capitalized because it's very special.

This is our favorite kind. . .

So Tara decided that they would go back outside while I made it, so they could get nice and cold.  While they were out there they picked some flowers.

After the flowers were put into a pretty vase. . .

. . .they were ready to enjoy their Hot Chocolate.

Drink up girlies!!

Hot Chocolate. . .one of the simple pleasure of life.  Today also is a very important day.  It's my mom's 74th birthday.  Happy Birthday mom.  I love you so much and you are one incredible woman.  She raised 7 kids.


  1. Remember when you got to come home from the hospital and she made a special picnic lunch under the big maple tree in the back yard? I missed you so much and she made such a special memory for us.

  2. What a fun mom you are! I'm going to have to stock up on marshmallows and hot chocolate for this winter. Of course, in California, that might take a while.

  3. Becca
    I remember that all too well. I was so sick. I remember Dr. Dimaso allowing me to come home from the hospital "just for the weekend". He was such a good guy. He knew I was so homesick and sent me home for a vacation from the hospital. I remember you playing 4 square with me and I was so weak and it hurt so baldy to play, and you. . .you were so gentle. Do you remember that?

  4. Alexis
    I usually make mine with marshmallow fluff. I didn't have any in the house though. I'll have to get some next time I go shopping. Luckily I had some whipped cream to improvise with. ツ


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