Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Little Bit Of Chicken School

Why We Chose Buff Orpingtons. . . .Now the type of chicken we chose was not a fluke.  My friend Brian, who is a chicken expert, having been in the chicken raising hobby/business for many years recommended the breed to us because they are so friendly, do well in winter, and are a "Heritage Breed".  I honestly believe that anything hybridized has been compromised.  Heritage breeds are more hearty than production or hybrid breeds.  They display more traditional chicken behaviors, like foraging for food, being good setters (going broody easily), and roosting.  Heritage breeds lay eggs for more years than the poor hybridized production birds, but at a slower rate.  Buff Orpingtons are a heavy breed which means they get large.  They also become heavily feathered so they do very well in winter, and living up in Michigan, that is a very important trait.  They tolerate confinement well which is also good for winter since they will most likely want to spend a great deal of time "cooped up" in the coop while winter passes.  They are considered a dual purpose bird (good for both eggs and meat).  Our girls of course are for eggs.  I just couldn't ever imagine them on our dinner plates!  We love them so. . . . .

Now those are all very important factors that I considered while researching the breed, but what really put me over the top (not that I ever questioned Brian's advice), was their personality.  They are said to be docile, friendly, and social birds.  They like to be held, petted, and will follow their owners around the yard.  They are great with children and very social.  I mean really!  With a spec sheet like that, why look anywhere else!!  Suffice to say, we LOVE our precious Buff Orpingtons.  When we decided that we were going to take a stab at the world of chicken raising, I had imagined that I wanted a really colorful egg basket.  I thought I'd like some pretty blue eggs, mixed with some dark brown eggs and light brown eggs.  I'd get a variety of birds so as to have a variety of egg colors.  Well, I can tell you from the heart that I don't care what color my eggs are, as long as they all come from Buff Orpingtons, because they are the only breed I ever want to own.  Just in case you were wondering, they lay a large pinkish brown egg.

But they still had a lot of growing to do. . . .

And on a side note, will all of you peasants please bow before Princess Madeline and Queen Tara of The Enchanted Wood?
While I was working on this post, they came out into the family room walking in a very "regal" way, and speaking in very high bred royal tongues.  So I took them outside for a fitting Royal Portrait.


  1. Whom is this "Brian" who is the chicken expert you speak of? LOL

  2. Well Carolyn, it can only be the wonderful husband you are married too! Tell him thanks for all his help.


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