Friday, August 19, 2011

Call me Chicken: A Heroic Hen Saves Her Chicks

Anybody who owns chickens will understand the magnitude of this video. It is extremely heart warming and I know you will all go out and hug your hens after watching this.

The audio is a little out of sync, but no worry.  The story is amazing.


  1. I thought so too Joan. My girlies and I were on the edge of our seat watching and so relieved that Liza survived.❤

  2. I found this on youtube a while back and just love it. What a beautiful story.

  3. Yes Alexis. It really is a beautiful story. I first saw it on BYC and just had to post it here. Thanks for joining my blog!♡

  4. Thanks, I so enjoyed that story.
    Watched it from Sydney Australia.

  5. How exciting to have found a friend in Australia. I have a weatherbug app. on my computer and my daughter Tara checks the weather in "Tara Australia" quite often. She's always reminding me that it is your winter right now. ツ

  6. Replies
    1. It just make you want to go out and hug your chickens doesn't it Jessy?!


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