Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fancy Hats

Tara walks into the room and with her best English accent, she says..."mama. . . .do you like my hat"?
"I do!" I exclaimed.  "I love your hat!  Let me grab my camera and get a picture!"

So of course Madeline had to have a hat as well. . .
She always likes to do what Tara does.  When she does this, I tell her "Madeline. . .You are just like your sissy!"  She loves to hear that, because she loves her sissy so very much.

I love how innocent and sweet my children are.  When I was a child, it was a time when parents did not have to preview shows, worry about appalling content in everything from store ads, to t.v. commercials and shows, to radio and everything else that seeks to invade, corrupt and destroy the innocent minds of our children today.  I shield my children from as much of that as humanly possible!  As a result, they have amazing imaginations as they play, grow, explore and interact with the property they live on.  They have many special friends who are also protected so they too can be innocent children as long as possible.  I remember when I was a kid, things were so simple.  I make sure that it is simple for my children as well.  It's a bit more complex for me, having to constantly shield them, but they are still innocent so my efforts are not for naught.  It is so important for parents to be vigilant in protecting their girls from this trash.  It really is a jungle out there!  A twisted demented jungle where wrong is becoming right and right is wrong.


  1. First of all you take great pics and I am thinking you use a Nikon or a Cannon (: You have a beautiful family and a most perfect home! It looks like you are near the Evergreen State... Anyway the reason for my comment is I wanted to say how right you are in your statement about society, tv, phones, games etc. It looks to me you have done a wonderful job raising your family and making a wonderful home. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who thinks we live in "A twisted demented jungle where wrong is becoming right and right is wrong." It is nice to know I am not alone.
    Keep up the good work and your daughters will be wonderful adults one day thanks to your willingness and determination to show them what is really RIGHT and WRONG..
    I came here from BYC so love your chickens too...
    FlockMama / BYC

  2. Hi Flock Mama!

    You are right about my camera. It's a Canon Rebel XTi. But we live far from Washington (the Evergreen State). We live in Michigan. There are plenty of evergreens where we live though!

    You are definitely not alone in your feelings about our society. I really hope that my girls will have a strong enough foundation, that they will enjoy life in a wholesome moral way as they grow and become adults and mom's themselves.

    I checked out you BYC homepage and your girls are beautiful!! I'm sorry you lost Henrietta. It is a very painful experience to lose a beloved hen. She was beautiful! ♡

  3. Hi Kelly

    Thanks for checking out my page! Yes it was over a year ago I lost Henrietta ( Big Momma) and I still miss her bunches. I still don't know how she died I just went to wake them up one morning and she was dead. No animal attack or anything weird...At least she had a wonderful life! I do still have her sister which helps....

    I am sure your girls will turn out just fine and have good morals, they may stray and get in trouble I am sure at times but as long as they still have there morals they will be just fine!

    Oh your tomatoes look great! This is my first year of gardening and I do have tomatoes but we are having a rat problem. Every time I get one that is almost ready there are rat bites in it the next morning or they are half gone! Very discouraging! But I have been canning peppers and lots of salmon!!!!!

  4. Oh! The rat problem. I don't know what could be done about that. I have heard that if you feed the birds, you are also feeding the rats. They like compost piles and any food they can find out of doors. I've also heard that they will steal chicken eggs, and also kill chicks. I hope you can get rid of your rats!

    The peppers and salmon sound great!


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