Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tara's Been Practicing the Saxophone. . .

And she's not bad either!!  She really likes her Music/Band teacher.  Madeline likes him as well.  Tara told me today on the way home from school that she really likes the way he teaches.  I hope he stays at our school.  It seems we get a new music teacher every year.  Last night, I taped this.

Check out her progress!

That last note gives me a warm chuckle from the heart.  Truly, I think she's doing pretty darned good!  You can go HERE to see her first attempt when she was playing to her hens.

Good job Tara.  Keep practicing and you'll get better and better.  I'm so proud of you baby.  


  1. good job tara, and to your handy assistant!!! :)

  2. I remember those days! She knows what the notes should sound like and keeps trying until she gets it1 Good job. PS. Lulu sounds like sax music, she was making noises while I was listening. How do your chickens like the music?

  3. Joan
    That last note she hit. . .It makes me smile every time listen to it!

    The chickens don't seem to mind it at all! There isn't much that frightens them. When Ron is cutting the grass on the riding mower, even that doesn't cause alarm for them. They don't mind the Saxophone.

  4. I am impressed Tara. Caleb and I have been learning to play the recorder so I know how hard it is to read the music and remember how to play the notes. Keep practicing and you will grow in your knowledge and skill. I love you sweetie. Love, Aunt Becky


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