Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dixie's Reign Of Fame. . .

I want to thank everyone who left us such nice comments when we were helping and then losing our sweet chicken, Dixie.  It meant so much to us.  We really do miss her.  Daisy has taken Dixie's place at the top of the pecking order, and so far, she runs a VERY tight ship!  I think she's a bit "power hungry" at the moment.  She gets the girls to bed earlier at night than Dixie ever did, and she has been asserting herself even more than usual over the cats.  I'm sure she'll settle down to be a more relaxed leader with a little time.

When I wrote the post about losing her, I had someone leave me this comment:
"Hello! I'm an art student and I just stumbled on your wonderful blog while searching for the source of a reference photo I recently drew of your daughter playing saxophone for some hens. I saw it on a forum somewhere, and it was such a great picture, I had to draw it. I thought you might want to see the drawing, I posted it on my portfolio, It's the first post.

Wonderful blog, I'll definitely keep following it :)
Marianne M"
This is the picture that she saw from the post about Tara being in band:

And this is the picture that Marianne drew of Tara and DIXIE!!  
 photo tumblr_mmc5w8TzIb1r500vbo1_r1_12801.jpg
Tara was delighted to be the subject of her work.  We think she did a phenomenal job!  Thank you Marianne!!  We are happy to have join our adventures in the big woods!


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    1. Yes, I think so to Jessy. She did great!

  2. Excellent illustration! How are the saxophone lessons coming? Maybe we could have another concert video?? Specklesmom/Debby

    1. Hi Debby
      Tara didn't take band this year. She opted for Art and Honors Art instead. She has no regrets either. She did pretty well on the sax, and she did enjoy it, but she "really" loves art. Her school got a new art teacher this year, and he is PHENOMENAL!! It's no wonder she loves it so much.

  3. I really like her work. I went to her blog and looked at her work. Very nice!

    1. I agree Becca. She's pretty talented! I'm so glad she found me so that we were able to see what a great job she did!

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  6. So sorry to hear about your poor little Dixie.
    We just lost our little Henry hen a few days ago completely unexpected and no known cause.
    The whole family cried. I know how sad it can be.
    We bought two new hens as new friends.
    Good luck with your new sweeties!

  7. that is so cool! i play the saxophone as well so i have a sort-of fondness over this picture!

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  9. great picture.

    Nice to see this post. Wishes from Ship Me This


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