Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did you know?

If not, you need to.

I just wanted to share some important information with you.  Have you heard about the new “Smart Meters” which are rapidly replacing the current analog electric meters on homes across America?  Some of you may have, but I’m betting most you have not. This is due to a 3.4 BILLION dollar Government grant initiative.

To learn about smart meters, I encourage you to simply Google “Smart Meter Controversy”.  You will be astonished at what you find.  But for starters, watch the video below.  It tells all about the smart meters and why we DON’T want them on our homes. 

At the bottom of this page, I am going to supply you with 2 links to go to.  They are petitions to send to our congressmen and senators.  Be sure that you sign those.

After viewing the video, go HERE to copy and paste this "denial of consent" letter into a word document (making the necessary changes and additions pertaining to your electric company and your home address), and have it sent certified mail.   Copy that same letter, laminate it, and duct tape it to your meter.  Also, put a strong padlock on your meter!  Now you need to photograph it with something indicating a date such as a newspaper next to it.  This way, you will have all of your evidence (posted denial of consent, and certified letter to the power company), and you can call the police with if they still install it.  Chances are though, they won't.

Next, you can go HERE to monitor all the “happenings on” with the smart meter protests and successes in the state of Michigan and elsewhere.  If you don't live in Michigan, I'm certain that whatever state you live in will have a similar site, just do a little Google reasearch and you'll find it.

Be sure to pass this vital information on to all your friends and family.  Initally, I was under the impression that if they put one on your house, you could NEVER get it off.  I was just notified by a friend that all hope is not lost if you have already been victim to the power company forcing a smart meter on your home.  Go HERE to learn more about re-installing an analog meter.  Next, go HERE for a company that sells them CHEAP!  You can also utilize the link HERE, which is mentioned in the video at the bottom of the post.  I want to reiterate with you that if you only send a certified letter, the contractors that install the actual meters will not know about it, and will install it anyway unless you have a posting on the meter directly, indicating a “denial of consent to install”.

Here is an image of my analog electric meter with the laminated letter attached:

And here is an image of the padlock that I put on my electric meter:

I used plenty of “Duct Tape”, and it has held fast during some extremely windy, rainy and snowy conditions. I don’t know when they will be coming to my area, but I can rest easily knowing that I am ready for them!

My meter reader actually thanked me for doing this. She told me that the further north the meter readers go in Michigan, the more “denial of consent to install” letter’s she is seeing on peoples analog meters. She said she knows that once all the smart meters are installed (if the power companies get their way, and citizens don’t utilize their right to refuse), that she’ll be out of a job.

This is petition number 1: It goes to your appropriate legislatures.
This is petition number 2: This will be sent to sent to the U.S. House of Representatives.

If you already have a Smart Meter on your home, all hope, as mentioned above, is not lost.  Watch this:

But for those of you who don’t have one yet, don’t put off protecting yourself.  If you don’t have a denial of consent posted, they WILL consider that a consent to install a smart meter.



  1. Thank you so much for this. I've just sent a link to this blog post to all my friends and family.

  2. I'm so happy you did that Angela. Lets start standing up to Big Government every chance we get!!


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