Friday, February 22, 2013

God is such an amazing artist!!

I've been seeing this picture of a rooster floating around on Facebook, to which I was certain just had to be photoshopped.

I have a lot of experience with digital artistry and know how easily this could be done.  But I really wanted to know if God would really create a fowl that looked as beautiful as this, and I was stunned to find that He did indeed create a bird to look like this!  I found several more photos of this gorgeous bird.

It's called the Green Junglefowl, and It's found in Indonesia, Java and the neighboring islands of Lesser Sundas E to Flores, Sumba, and Alor.

Green Junglefowl are of only a handful of species of gallinaceous birds (heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds) capable of sustained flight over open water.  There are many documented cases of the species flying over the sea between islets.  The male has a unique and unusual call.  I like it!  You can click here, and it will take you to a page where if you scroll down below the map, you'll see a bunch of sound bytes that you can click on.

My research of the breed found that in the wild, pairs remain together indefinitely and there is an extended relationship with both parents and their chicks of successive years.  I did find another source however which stated that they live in small flocks with one male providing for a flock of 5 females or so, to which his position can be challenged by other males.  The latter makes more sense to me.

They are in the pheasant family, and can be kept as pets!  They do great in hot temperatures, and require specialized diets.  They do not fare well in cold climates.

The female Green Junglefowl are much more subdued in appearance, but they have very sweet faces with big eyes!

Just beautiful, beautiful birds!  If you have any desire to buy a pair, you are looking at $500 on up!!  That's quite a leap from my $2.50 per bird with our Buff Orpingtons, and VERY much out of my range (and climate)!!

Tara said that if we had one of these, she'd name it "Rainbow".  


  1. Exotic, colourful bird! It looks like animal from fairy-tale. Greetings for You :)

    1. You are right Zim. It does look something from a fairy tale!!

  2. Wow! They beautiful but I also think I'll stick with my Orps & Pekins! :D

    1. "If" I was rich, and "If" I lived in a warm climate, and "If" I had the means to build a taller aviary type structure, I'd get some. Since none of those things apply to me, I'll stick with our Buff Orps too Rachy!

  3. I've seen this floating around as well. Beautiful creatures.


    PS: Can't wait to hear what your flock has been up to last year!

    1. They sure are Justine. I'll be getting to my flock soon. A lot of changes took place that we didn't expect!


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